Pota2o: You Don't Get A Sequel

from by stellartux

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When you've got problems, people like to give you advice. Some of that advice is shitty, some of that advice is good, it's up to you to detangle the mess. There's this common piece of advice that to really enjoy life you've got to get out and experience it, but I've only ever heard people on TV say this. The title of the song is a play on this, stating that you've only got one life to live and you've got to make it real, but in the style of a movie title. It's a sequel to the previous song, in that it covers the same character as I Miss Being A Potato, but he fell asleep in front of the TV. It's also a bit of a critique of how movies and TV portray masculinity, and how it sort of puts pressure on young men to be total assholes for no reason.

The instrumental for this was recorded relatively quickly. I think I had everything done in less than a week. The lyrics took quite a long time, this is the first time I tried to tell a story in the lyrics, so it took me a lot longer to write. I asked some friends what's some of the best/worst advice you've ever heard, and what are some things you can't really understand how it feels until you've actually done it, and tried to work those ideas into the song.


Lying on the sofa
I'm so far gone
That I'm watching a TV that's not even on
If my eyes are open
I'm looking spangled
At the pearlescent adventures of Mister Quadrangle
Bouncing from corner to corner onscreen
Emblematic of movies I've already seen
When he spoke, it was in the voice of the late Steve McQueen
Which was what tipped me off that the following may very well turn out to be a dream, cause he said...

You spend too much of your time in front of that TV set
No pixels can compare to the skinned knees and anal sex
Which only come from living a life fulfilled, free of the regrets
Of all the wonderful experiences that you could have had, but didn't
So steal a fucking motorbike and ramp a fucking bus
Swim with fucking dolphins, if you really fucking must
But if you're going to do that, take a fucking ton of drugs
And make sure that you surround yourself with people that you trust because
The world's a big bad scary place, but it's not as bad as it seems
So don't you let your lack of a bicycle stop you from cycling to your dreams
Try a little bit of everything, take moderation to the extremes
Life's a filthy slutty bitch, fuck her until she screams
And if danger comes a'knocking, just you wave your blunderbuss
And if anybody gies you hassle, well that cunt can deal wi' us
Cause me and my crew, we wouldn't have you spend your last moments on Earth
Arranging furniture for an anthropomorphic raccoon, I mean really mate, what the fuck?

Right at that moment, I awoke with a start
I could feel in my chest my fast beating heart
My knees were aching and my dick was hard
But I'd forgotten the significance of this.


from p​*​nk teaser, released March 1, 2015
all music and lyrics - Danny Robinson



all rights reserved


stellartux Glasgow, UK

I make music. Here is some of it.

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